Analysis of Noise over the Pavement Trough Anechoic Chamber

Pahola Porras, J. Camacho-Tauta, O.J. Reyes-Ortiz


The anechoic chamber is an efficient way to measure the level of noise produced by a traffic loading over a structure of pavement. This kind of chambers are useful to analyze the noise that some processes generate. The geotechnical group of Nueva Granada Military University designed a new prototype of an anechoic chamber that works inside the accelerated pavement testing machine (APT).

This paper describes the designing process in three parts. In the first part, the main mechanical characteristics of the anechoic chamber were defined using SolidWorks. Then, the specifications about position of sensor and data logger were selected to analyze noise from 10 dB up to 90dB. Finally, the last part of the paper deals with preliminary tests conducted in different speeds of the APT with 6 omnidirectional microphones. Results were studied with Smaart V7 software.

To sum up, the anechoic chamber is an effective and reliable machine to analyze the noise due to traffic- pavement structure interaction.

Palabras clave

Anechoic Chamber; Frequency; Noise; Microphone; Pavement.

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