Sistema Ciber-Físico de una CNC para la producción de circuitos impresos

Sistema Ciber-Físico de una CNC para la producción de circuitos impresos

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Kewin J. Saumeth Cudriz
Federico Pinilla Tarazona
A. Fernández Arboleda
David J. Muñoz Aldana
Luis A. Cruz Salazar


One of the most significant developments of electronic systems and their integration with information technology and communication trends, is represented by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). The latter are associates with computer systems, which are closely related with: the physical world and its processes; provide and use at the same time, data access services and information processing, both available on the Internet; reconfigurability of control systems and processes; and in general with the characteristics of the Internet of Things (IoT), including industrial type or I2oT. First, CPS´s depend on the newest and foreseeable future development of information technologies, and on the other hand, of the science and technology of their physical production. Thus, these are a fundamental part of what can lead to the fourth industrial revolution, which has been frequently identified as the Industry 4.0. This paper presents the design of a computerized numerical control (CNC) for manufacturing printed circuit boards and their integration with simulation, and with Cyber-physical system characteristics. Within the context of an automated electronic control, it was proposed visualize the behavior of the system from sensors and actuators connected to a data acquisition card, which interact with a 3-D display platform.


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Kewin J. Saumeth Cudriz, Fundación Universitaria Tecnológico Comfenalco, Cartagena, Colombia