Science Magazine in the Post-truth Era

Science Magazine in the Post-truth Era

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Ricardo León Restrepo Arango


In the debate between knowledge based on observable facts, with measurable, reproductible and verifiable data, which we call scientific knowledge, and personal beliefs, is the artificial word, post-truth. Post-truth, chosen by the Oxford dictionary as the word of 2016, is defined as “relative to circumstances in which facts have less of an influence in forming public opinion, than calls of emotion and personal beliefs.” It is the information model used in propaganda media for proselytism and an easy way to quickly achieve objectives of mass influence. Post-truth is not new in human culture. It is now evidenced by the surge of access to popularized information. Opposing the strategy used by those who sell lies in order to find a strong footholds in personal beliefs, we have the scientific method: observation, hypothesis, corroboration, method for the study of nature.

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