Multilatinas: A content analysis of mission statements and its relation with the Globalization Index

Sara Aguilar Barrientos


This exploratory study aims at analyzing the correlation between the different components of mission statements of top Multilatinas, based on the framework provided by David (1989) and the existing relationship between the inclusion of such components and their Globalization Index. For such purpose, companies were selected using the ranking and Globalization Index published by America Economia in 2012, and mission statements were collected through corporate websites.

During the first stage, content analysis of the mission statements was conducted in order to determine the presence or absence of each component and an intercoder reliability test was performed to resolve any discrepancies. At a second stage, a correlation analysis of the components of mission statements was conducted using phi coefficients and an analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to test the correlation between the components and the Globalization Index.

As a result it was found that a minority of companies includes eight components on their mission statements and none of them includes all nine components suggested by David (1989). It was also observed that the correlation between the different components is weak and that there is no relationship between international performance and the Globalization Index.


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